PRIZE FIGHTER to CANCER SURVIVOR / Spiritual Journey of a Nomad Boy

I was dead. Now I am alive. Jesus saved my life. My story is God’s Glory!
God is Love.
LOVE GOD with all your emotions, thoughts, words, deeds.
LOVE your each neighbor.
LOVE is humble, meek, quiet.
LOVE is kind, gentle, peaceful.
LOVE is patient, forgiving, long-suffering.
LOVE is self-giving, sacrificial, surrendering.
LOVE, the greatest, lays down my life for others like Jesus did!!!

Witness to God’s Grace


excerpt from interview

Prize fighter to cancer survivor: I am a Happy man... Though I was Paralyzed, in pain, could not breathe, three years I could not contract muscles... Come, See and Learn how YOU can live Life of Joy and Peace no matter what.


Doctors said to my sister: "Boris will die any moment.Order a coffin for him." My sister was crying outside... But this kid said: "Boris! David had Faith and defeated Huge Goliath. Your disease is Huge but you will defeat it if you have Faith!" 


My friends say: "Boris, you are a Walking Miracle!" And I testify: "Jesus saved my life. My story is God's Glory."


Cancer is dead. I defeated Huge Cancer with unconditional Trust in the Goodness of the Lord. And I encourage you to Never Give Up.