You can not Think Negative thoughts and expect to live Positive life.

You cannot think about Defeat and expect Victory.

You cannot think ‘not enough, cannot afford it’ and expect to have Abundance.

If you have Dirty, Mediocre thoughts you will live Dirty, Mediocre life.

If you think ‘I am Blessed, I am Loved, I am strong in the Lord, I will Accomplish my Dreams.’

You will attract what you are thinking about.

Everyday start paying attention to your thoughts.

When negative, filthy, dirty thoughts will come to your mind do NOT talk with them.

Refocus your mind. Change that thought with positive, up lifting thoughts.

Feed your thoughts with right ‘food’.

Everything you read, watch, listen to, think about are ‘the Food’ for your thoughts.

Do you learn something good from all your books, movies or you just waste your time and your life.

This is the process of changing your thoughts for a better life:

Start your day with positive thoughts about Goodness, what is honorable, noble, about Perfect Love.

Pay attention to thoughts during the day. Do not let bad thoughts destroy your day.

As soon as you recognize the thought which take you down replace it with good thought.

This could be a challenge at the beginning but if you do not take this step you will never change your life.

Before go to bed think that tomorrow will be a better day and believe it.

When I was wicked and started changing my thoughts into better one it was hard.

It took time because I developed a bad thinking habit.

But I defeated demons. They suggested thoughts of suicide, fear, frustration, bad thoughts about other people…

I used to repeat a little prayer, ‘My Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God have Mercy on me, a sinner.’

I had really bad thoughts for years. But within two years I replaced my thoughts completely.

After two years of battles Pure thoughts, up lifting thoughts started occupying my mind all day long. Now it is effortless for me.

My life had changed radically. Well, I was evil but you are not so. It means you can change your life much faster. May God bless you on your way.