Everybody is looking for LOVE. Why? Because God is LOVE.

And the most important message is: ‘Love your God with all your heart…’

God wants you to love Him with Passion, with strong Feeling, Emotionally.

Do you love God? How do you show it to Him?

The whole life depends on your Love toward your Creator.

If you miss this Commandment. If you do not know how to love God.

You will NEVER be Happy, Satisfied, Enjoy life in full, live in Peace, have great relationships…

I have been there. I know it by experience. Now I live life of constant Joy, Peace, Love.

No matter what happens to me. Let us think together.

Let us realize first that God is emotional God. He HATES SINS. He feels grief, pain, joy…

We have emotions because we are made in God’s image.

All emotions are gift from God.

Negative feelings have there own role, like legitimate Fear may be a Warning before you do something wrong.

Emotion is an asset. Human beings are emotional beings not robots.

It is your emotional ability allow you to create and love, to be faithful and loyal.

But as with everything else we have to AVOID extreme emotions.

1. AVOID this, ‘all that matters is how I feel.’ It is wrong approach. If emotions or feelings run your life you are controlled by your emotions. But the right thing would be that You Control your emotions.

2. AVOID this, ‘Feelings do not matter at all.’ It is wrong approach. You got your emotions for a reason.

How do you want that somebody loves you, with all heart and passion or just lukewarm?

All emotions and their expression you can find in the Bible.

The most important to learn about emotions is how to DEAL with them for your Benefit.

It is a useful skill to learn how to manage your feelings.

You will have enormous advantage if you learn how to HEAL your hurt emotions.

It is the KEY to a Better life. It is the KEY to Success. It is the KEY to live life of Joy, Peace, Love.