I have many friends around the world.

I have close friends with whom I meet and talk often.

I have friends with whom I meet once a week.

I have friends with whom I do not meet often but I talk to them often on the phone.

I have friends with whom I do not meet or talk but we write to each other.

My point is that there are friends and friends. Some friends are closer to my heart then others.

The closest friends share problems, joys, time more often then just friends.

But when you are in Love then you want to spend time and everything with that Friend, right?

In June 2011 I found a Friend with whom I am in the most intimate Friendship.

I meet and talk to my Best Friend everyday since June 2011.

He came to live in me. He filled me up with His Perfect Love.

He talks to me and send His Friends to help me anytime I ask for help.

And started loving people and God with True Love because He has taught me how to Love as He does.

Until 2011 I did not know what true Love is and I corrupted every relationship with Lust.

But after Jesus filled me up with His Spirit of LOVE I changed my Attitude and my Perspective.

Now I grow in Love everyday and I share with all people around His Love which He gave me.

You do not want to miss God’s Friendship, intimate and full of LOVE.

Come and Learn how to become God’s Best Friend. He is waiting for you to turn to Him.

Open your heart for His Love. God wants to give you so much Joy, Peace, Love.

When I turned to God He helped me to become NEW Person.

I am unrecognizable. I am completely Transformed. I was wicked, angry, Lustful…

Now I am a son of God Almighty Father, brother of Jesus and I have many good friends here on earth and in Heaven, Angels, Saints and good people.

I live life of Joy, Peace, Love because I responded to Him Who Loved me First.

And I made it into His Glorious Family. He became my Best Friend.

Do not miss this Friendship. It is the most important one.

Come, I will share with you how We became the One Spirit in the most Beneficial Friendship.

And how YOU can improve in all areas of your life if you make that Friendship a Priority.