I chose to work for the Owner of the Universe no matter what I do.

It is helpful for me to do a better job and always be in a good mood.

Maybe it will help you to become better if you look beyond your daily job and daily problems at work.

You see, my Boss is not interested in WHAT I do.

He is interested in WHY I do it. He is interested in HOW I do it. He is interested in WHO I become.

God is interested in my Character Development not in my income.

Income has to be a by product not a goal.

My goals at work are these: Do I become more Humble? Do I Serve other people with Joy?

Does my job help the community to live a better life? Do I love people today more than yesterday?

Do I Glorify God through my work? And I look at other angles of the same Diamond =LOVE.

Character Development is the most important while doing your job.

If you understand and Apply that Principle you will be promoted and always happy at your job.

You will earn more and live a better life.

But you have to give effort because it is true, “No Pain No Gain.”

Sacrifice your Ego at work. Try to do more that you are asked for.

Do your job with Enthusiasm. Grow up and think how others may Benefit more from your job.

If you would learn how to Love others and your boss even if they are not good to you,

You will Prosper from within out in every area of your life.

Work on yourself more than you work on your job.

And you will see how wonderful your life will become.

You will enjoy life of Abundance.

Come and Learn. It is never late to live life of Joy, Peace and Love.