God wants the Treasure with seven names from you.

Do you have that Treasure with seven names:

Charity, Faith, Good Will, Right Intention, Continence, Sincerity, Spirit of Sacrifice?

Let me explain what those names mean and I am sure you can find them somewhere in your heart.


If you are Charitable you would help people around. You help people in different ways.

You can help your family to clean up a mess. You may help a stranger who needed your help.

And if you live the Law of Charity day after day you would grow in Charity and one day you may help even your enemies and become Perfect like Your Father in Heaven.


A toddler has a complete faith in his parents. A baby believes that his guardians will provide everything for him to live.

God wants from us that kind of Faith. We grow in Faith slowly. First we believe in God a little. We learn with time to Trust more in Goodness of the Lord. If we grow in Faith and learn everyday how God is good than our Faith can become Unconditional Trust. When I understood how Infinitely God Loves me I started living Unfailing Faith, relying completely on God. And God gave me so much Joy that sometimes it is overflowing and I experience ecstasy.


Bible promises Peace to people of Good Will. I testify that it is true. I got the Peace that surpass all understanding. When I was dying paralyzed and in excruciating cancer pain, my soul rested in God’s Peace. I was not afraid. I did not worry at all. Why? Because I did not waste my pain I was willing to suffer out of Love for Jesus and salvation of my family and friends. Do not waste your pain.


If you want to hurt people around you or you do not care about them it is wrong intention.

Right intention would be if you care, serve, help, give love to all people around you even those who does not like you. God’s Right Intention is to save all souls even those who reject Him now.


Self restrain, self control, temperance all are good stuff. When you stop eating after feeling that you are not hungry anymore or stop drinking before you get drunk or do not look with lust at another person than you may say, ‘I live continence in all things.’ And do not stop growing there but strive to achieve Perfection in all of these. Surrender all your sinful desires. God will reward you abundantly.


An honest friend is a real pleasure. ‘May your love be sincere’, says the Bible.

Tell the Truth. The Truth will set you free. When you are honest with people and with God you will benefit from that. Lies have different forms: half truth, cover ups, hiding the truth and so on.

God rewards Pure and Open heart.


We live in a world that flees from suffering.

We love only to the degree that we are willing to suffer.” (Fr. John Hardon, S.J.)

How can God of love value our suffering? After all, suffering exists because of sin. Yes, it is true.

God never intended for us to suffer. But it is when we offer our suffering – the one thing most disagreeable to our human nature – back to the Creator, it becomes a gift of inestimable value;

drawing down from heaven more grace than any other action we can possibly make.

The soul is free to choose its path, since God has given us the gift of free will, and honors that gift assiduously.