Some people need fear to get on right path.

There are few things to consider: Alzheimer has no cure on horizon.

Best prevention is to decrease illnesses that increase risk, such as Diabetes, Obesity, Depression, Heart Disease…

It is very important what you eat day in day out and what you drink.

Do NOT eat junk food. It includes, sodas, hot dogs, cakes…

Eat small portions of food.

Make a healthy meal with mixed vegetables, some healthy oils and proteins.

Use whole food not processed food.

Make this kind of food a life style for your own good health.

And also food that kills your body includes everything you take into your body.

If you smoke cigarettes you commit a slowly suicide.

If you drink alcohol and get drunk you commit a slowly suicide.

If you are addicted to pills or drugs you are increasing the risk of many dangerous diseases.

Everything you put into your mouth or blood affects your Physical Health.

It affects your level of energy, your mood, your relationships and your brain.

If you do not work on good habit of eating and drinking clean, fresh, wholesome food

you slowly but surely destroy your health.

The Bible call it ‘A slowly suicide.’ And your body is the Temple of the Holy Spirit.

Obesity is a serious national crisis. Bad eating habit produces all kinds of bad diseases.

I hope it will make you think before you eat your next meal.

Do you want to live a better life? Change your eating habits.

You deserve to live HEALTHY life of Joy, Peace and Love.

Your health is in your hands. Watch what you eat and you will be more fit.