Let us think together for a moment.

Did you own anything before you were born? My guess is NO.

Did you bring anything into the world when you were born? My guess is NO.

It is a good start to understand that MONEY and even your life itself is a GIFT.

Now we can start learning good stuff. How to deal with Money to live life in ABUNDANCE.

I mean PROSPERITY is to connect ALL Seven Areas of your life in one bundle.

If you remember, understand and apply these Five Principles in DAILY LIFE, make it a HABIT,

You will live life of ABUNDANCE, PROSPERITY and SUCCESS the rest of your life.

Today we will look at the FIRST Principle.


I mean ALL belongs to God: the air, the earth, the Sun, the moon, the ocean, the life itself.

All you own is a LOAN to you. After your death it will be LOANED to someone else.

Learn to manage your money wisely.

If you understand that you are a child of All Powerful Father than you will not worry about anything.

You know for sure that Loving Father will provide IF you TRUST HIM. Why?

This is why. I was about to change my car. I found a car and I called the seller. But seller said that they sold that car. I immediately turned to my God.

I said, ‘Father where is your car that you promised to me?’ God replied, ‘Be patient!’ I was patient. I waited for one day. Next day that seller called me back and said,

‘You know something weird happened here. It has never happened before. And we are in business for twenty years. We sold the car you wanted but the guy came today and returned the car you wanted. He said that he was afraid to go to the DMV to register it. Well, you can come and take your car.’ And I did.

And if all belongs to God than whatever happens to my car I turn to God and say with all confidence, ‘Father, the car needs a repair. What are you going to do about it. Can you help me to fix it?’ And He has never said no to me.

Here is the POINT.

If I am in charge, I own it all than I HAVE TO PAY for it all. I have to work hard, hard, hard. But if I am a CHILD of Almighty FATHER in that case I am not responsible for all that is loaned to me. God takes care of me and all I have. I work less but I have more.

My JOB is to have UNCONDITIONAL TRUST in the Goodness of the Loving Father.

I live and grow in that kind of TRUST everyday from 2011. I have NEVER been disappointed in God’s Love for me and His readiness to handle ALL my troubles for me.


Come and Learn how you can live life of ABUNDANCE, PROSPERITY and SUCCESS.