Let us clarify certain points that a number of circumstances has covered with darkness.

And they thus form dark zones in the brightness of the evangelic picture.

Points that seem a rupture and are only obscure points, between one episode and another, indecipherable points.

The ability to decipher them is the key to correctly understand certain situations that had arisen.

And certain strong manners that Jesus had to have, so contrasting with His continuous exhortations to forgive,

to be meek and humble, a certain rigidity towards obstinate, not convertible opponents.

We all ought to remember that God, after using all His mercy, for the sake of His own honor, can say also “Enough” to those who,

as He is good, think it is right to take advantage of His forbearance and tempt Him.

God is not to be derided. It is an old wise saying.

Therefore, let us love God by being righteous in His eyes according to His Commandments.