We have lost the freedom for which we were created and have condemned ourselves to perpetual bondage and fatigue.

“By the sweat of your brow” was the way we made from Paradise.

And out of this has grown the harassed, restless, insecure person of today.

Offices are the new Cathedrals. Life has opened a machine gun fire of demands on us.

Unless we turn to inner strength that lets us rise above all the trials we can not withstand it.

Only from within can we draw the calm that will lift us above the hectic rat-race.

The Holy Spirit will give us the great virtue of perseverance.

He will help us understand the message and the purpose of circumstances.

And we will be able to compare the most distressing conditions to a fertile seed;

It becomes a call to sacrifice, the only thing that can restore humanity’s capacity to love.

I started resting at labor, feeling fulfilled and satisfied after I willingly offered my sacrifices up.

You may rest in labor if you sacrifice your ego and selfish demands with the help of God.