Many people do not want to change anything because they may be hurt.

Let me tell you something. It is too much pain to duck.

Pain is everywhere. You can hide anywhere. It will come where you are.

It is unavoidable suffering. You can not duck it.

But most of the people spend their life not willing to deal with the pain of rejection;
the pain of defeat; the pain of being disappointed; the pain of loosing; the pain of not being supported;
the pain of being criticized; the pain of not being liked; the pain of making mistakes…

Life is full of pain. But guess what… There is no gain without pain.

Now, if you are going to be hurt anyhow, get some benefits out of it.

Because it is the pain of regret that you experience.

Let me ask you. If you live your life again… it is the pain of regret if you would like to live it differently.

If you try to escape the pain of defeat, failure, loss… and still you experience the pain of regret.

If you did not try to do your best you would feel like a coward … it is painful. Choose right then.

Let us face the lesser pain and be called courageous. The only way is through pain. There is no way around.