For many years I was working as a fitness coach.

First thing i asked my clients to do is to learn the proper form.

Before we picked up any weight we worked on the right form.

Why? Because they could do more harm then good.

Until you know how to stand and move around correctly,

protecting the joints which keeps you safe we can not move ahead.

I took that experience into my job as a spiritual coach.

First of all we start with the basic spiritual form.

We fix relationship with God.

We put God at the center, and only then everything else is coming around right.

Why? Because some worship the institution of the church.

Some pick up pious practices that are consoling in a difficult world.

Some engage parish life or being a ‘good person’ make it the point of it all.

But I emphasize this, talk to God, invite Him in every area of your life.

Share with God all your problems and joys, ask, trust.

This is the right form and basic for all ritual behavior, moral codes and so on.