You know, pruning is very important process in the garden to keep trees, flowers to bear fruits.

And the gardener has to prune, it means cut off, not only dead branches but also flourishing ones.

It is amazing how they do it. They cut off rich branches ruthlessly.

That way they make room for new more productive branches.

The same Jesus did to me. He pruned my success in Hollywood together with all parties, orgies.

God pruned not only my evil passions, sinful desires but also my luxury and pleasure.

He did it so that I may bear much fruit of repentance and receive Grace of peace and eternal life.

What do you have to prune in your life to get closer to God, the source of life and joy?

Your addictions or maybe your busy life, career or pursue of temporary luxury.

Let us allow our heavenly Father to prune what is needed for joy of eternal salvation.