Let me share with you some truths at the beginning why we should

never worry.

1. God is the source of everything we need to live.

The point is, if you want to put your security in something,

put it in something that will never be taken from you and it is God.

You can loose your job, family, health.

Put trust in God as Psalm 23:1 says “The Lord is my Shepherd I will lack nothing.”

God will feed, lead and meet your needs.

2. There is nothing we need that God can not supply.

Philippians 4:19 God will supply all you will ever need from His glorious resources in Jesus.

You may need to be comforted, disciplined, motivated.

3. God does not want me worrying about anything.

Philippians 4:6 Do not worry about anything, instead pray about everything.

You can pray or panic, worry or worship. What would you choose?

Let us look at five reasons Jesus says you should not worry about anything

and what difference it makes in your lives.

1 – Worry is unreasonable, does not make sense, illogical, irrational.

In Matthew 6:25 Jesus says;”do not worry about your life..”

But if you want to worry, worry about eternal NOT external

(e.g. what consequences this hour of pleasure will bring me?)

2 – Worry is unnatural, nature, birds, sun do not worry. Only humans worry.

In Matthew 6:26;28;29 Jesus says that Birds do not worry, flowers do not worry

and yet your God the Father supply there needs. He will supply your needs also.

3 – Worry is unhelpful, worthless, does not change anything.

Matthew 6:27 asks “Who are among you by worrying can add single hour to his life?”

The only thing worry will do is to make you miserable.

4 – Worry is unnecessary. God promised to take care of you. Trust God.

Be like a little child who asks his parents for help if he needs anything.

Matthew 6:30 assure us that if God cares for flowers He surely will take care of you.

God assumes responsibility for you, He cares for you because you are valuable.

Jesus shows you your value on the Cross, He suffered for you.

5 – Worry is unbelief, doubting God Who promised to take care of every need in your life IF you trust Him.

Matthew 6:32 says that people, who do not know God, worry.

If you worry you act as an orphan and you depend on yourself, not on God the Father.

John 14:1 testifies:”Jesus says, ‘Do not worry! But instead believe in God and believe in Me!’”

Now we know that the time spend on worries is wasted time.

Let me share with you what to do instead.

1) Daily ask Jesus to be your Shepherd.

Jesus will feed, lead, meet your need, forgive your misdeed and help you succeed.

One condition though: Trust Him and invite Him – say often “The Lord is my Shepherd.”

Jesus says in John 10:14 “I am a good Shepherd..”

2) Give Jesus First Place in Each Area of your life.

I mean in your finances, relationships, career and so on.

Matthew 6:32-33 says that if you invite God in all areas of your life and live as he wants you to live,

He will give you what you need.

3) Relax and give Jesus your worries in prayer.

1 Peter 5:7 says, “Give all worries and cares to God, for He cares about you.”

Do not ignore, suppress your worries but express, tell about them to Jesus.

What is the opposite of rest? It is hurry. Let me tell you, Hurry creates Worry.

Slow down in mind, emotions and your actions.

4) Trust Jesus one day at a time.

Matthew 6:34Do not worry about tomorrow.”

Worry can not change the past nor it can change tomorrow but it messes up today.

May I suggest? If you can not change something, leave it to God.

If you can change it, just do it.

You will miss blessings of today if you worry about tomorrow.

And when you will receive all blessings because you will stop WORRYING which is a SIN

Share them with others.

This is the will of God for you, Pray, Trust, Rejoice and DO NOT WORRY.