Did you know that you are loved?

One day a woman said to a man:”I think I love you.” But that man was not excited much by hearing it.

Why? Because he thought if she is thinking then it means maybe she does, maybe she does not.

It can go either way. Her thinking did not give any confidence to that man.

In fact he thought that he has to perform better, do more, try to impress.

Her thinking put him under more pressure.

Eventually, she said:”I know that I love you.”

You see, when you know that someone loves you, that put you in ease.

You do not have to perform, impress, be good enough.

You can relax, be yourself, be comfortable. You are secure.

But a lot of people live “I think He loves me” mentality when it comes to God.

They base it on their performance, good works:”I was kind to my neighbor, I volunteered in the hospital.

I think God loves me for that.” They think they earned His love.

And when we do mistakes, go off course we think God goes to find somebody else to love.

Human love says, “If you preform right, you love me, behave right then I will love you.

But if you let me down I am going to find somebody else to love.” Human love is conditional.

But God’s love is different. When you make a mistake or run from God, God will run toward you.

There is nothing you can do to make God love you anymore or any less.

Love of God is a gift. Just receive it by faith. God loves you as you are and where you are.

His love is unconditional.

St. Paul said that nothing can separate us from the love of God.

God calls you a masterpiece.

Even when you are making mistakes, you are down, you are not believing, God is loving you.

God is crazy loving you. How do you think God feels when you say:’I think he loves me”?

Get rid of “I think He loves me” mentality. And start having “I know” mentality.

Trust me, it is very freeing when you say:”I know God loves me!

I know I am the apple of His eye! I know He is smiling on me!”

When you quit the “I think He loves me” mentality and

go to “I know He loves me” mentality you will be confident, feel secure.

In the Bible the Gospel of John was wrote by Apostle John.

But John did not call himself by name.

He repeated all over again that he is “The disciple whom Jesus Loved.”

In this John showed us the confidence he had in how much “he knew God loved him.”

If you do like John, maybe do not put it on the business card, in your heart and say in the morning:

”Good morning God, this is the one that you love!”

And all through the day:”Lord I love you! And I know I am the one you love!”

Your day will be always the best day, I am talking from experience.

In the Bible when Lazarus was dying his sisters wrote to Jesus to remind Jesus how much He loved Lazarus.

They did not say how much Lazarus loved Him but they said, “Jesus the one whom You love is dying.”

Let’s learn from Mary and Martha and say when we need the Lord:

”Jesus, the one You love needs healing, the one you love is lonely.”

What moves God, is recognizing His love for you. It pleases God when you know you are deeply loved.

That is why the Bible says:”Come boldly to the Throne!”

If you want to see God’s smile start approaching Him as you know He loves you, He is for you.

When I love someone, that person becomes my Favorite. I would go out of my way to help that person.

Let me tell you a secret:”You are God’s Favorite! You are the one that God loves!”

God does not show, express love… He is Love. Love is His nature.

If you go boldly with confidence to Jesus knowing He loves you, He will go out of His way to help you.

In the Bible there is a story about a chief tax collector Zacchaeus who was hated by everyone.

When Jesus came into town He called Zacchaeus.

The time stopped for Zacchaeus because he knew he had done people wrong, he cheated and he was hated.

He thought Jesus will let him have it.

But Jesus said to him that He will go and eat in his house. There were many good people there.

But Jesus chose the one who was hated. I believe that Zacchaeus felt inside that day:”I am the one whom Jesus loves.”

Here is the point: You do not have to have it all together or clean yourself up to know that you are loved by Jesus.

You are loved by Jesus just as you are and where you are. Come to Him now.

People saw a notorious sinner when they looked at Zacchaeus. But Jesus saw the one that He loved.

If Jesus would pass by today, He would not call all those “Holy” people. But He will call you.

You may be trying to hide, dealing with issues, making many mistakes.

Can I tell you? We all have issues. God is saying:

”Come down forgiven child. Come down my Favorite one, the one whom I love.”

The point Jesus showing us is: Your performance does not change God’s love for you.

Will you come to Jesus or you stay hiding, listening to the condemning voices?

You need to shake it by faith and say:”Lord I believe I am the one you love.

I believe despite my failures, my weaknesses, my mistakes You still have great plan for my life.”

In 1 John it says that the real love is that God sacrificed his Son for our sake.

The real love is not our love but the love of God for us. Take pressure off your shoulders and receive God’s love for you.

The face of your Heavenly Father is always turned to you, for you are the one whom He loves. You are his Favorite child.

My challenge today is to receive His Love.

All through the day:”Thank you that I am the one You love. Thank you that Your face is turned toward me.”

If you recognize and accept the real love of God for you,

I believe and declare that you will live confident, secure, overcoming obstacles.

You will live life of joy, peace and love with many favors, becoming everything God created you to be.