A Journey of a Nomad Boy

You can see a man sitting in a big room about fifty feet from the ocean, staring at the wall.
He’s been like that for more than 90 minutes. That’s me.
I am entering my age of half century. I am thinking. Am I that old already? Fifty years old?
How fast time pass by. I just was born.
I just was graduated from University of Physical Education.
I just was a Prize Fighter.

I just was dying, paralyzed, in excruciating pain of Cancer for so long…
And here I am a Nomad boy from a desert in Kazakhstan who made it to Hollywood and Malibu…
Someone may think looking at me, this guy looks arrogant, awkward and lonely.
And maybe I look like that.

But to tell you the truth, for 4 years I am never lonely and I live LIFE of JOY, PEACE and LOVE.
And I WANT YOU to Live Life of Joy, Peace and Love as I do.
Come and learn how to live THAT LIFE from NOW on into Eternity.
I will share with you life stories and how ONE NIGHT change my life forever…