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God wants the Treasure with seven names from you. Do you have that Treasure with seven names: Charity, Faith, Good Will, Right Intention, Continence, Sincerity, Spirit of Sacrifice? Let me explain what those names mean and I am sure you can find them somewhere in your heart. 1. CHARITY. If you are Charitable you would […]


Let us meditate a bit on the Power of the Free Will. I do every day what I choose to do. How about you? Are you free to choose in the morning what to eat, what to read, what to think about? If you are than you cannot blame anybody for what is happening in […]


Are you Spiritual being? Of course you are! Are you Connected to Infinite, Perfect, Loving Power? If you do not even know about that then you have a Problem. Spiritual Health is the Most Important ingredient… to live Life in Joy, Peace and Love. We as human beings are finite and limited. Our own sources […]