Dear Friend,





Demons are like teeth less dogs, they bark but can not bite.


Monsignor Liam Kidney and Rev. Matt Murphy cleared Boris of ALL accusations.

They agreed that Boris is NOT GUILTY.

Police Officers and Deputies investigated and interrogated Boris.

They found Boris NOT GUILTY: “Boris committed NO CRIME.” They said, and:

“Boris, keep doing good work.”

Jesus said:” Boris, you will be persecuted. But Rejoice …”

Fr Leo, some other priests and lay people whom Boris has helped so far, testify:

“Boris lives a holy life.” Msgr. Kidney apologized to Boris.

Boris was falsely accused from March 4, 2019 until June 13, 2019. It is 100 days.

But even after Boris was cleared, Debbie Campbell wrote:

“We are not finished with you.”

Nathan, the prophet, was required to confront sin, even the sin of a king.

He rebuked King David:”You have sinned.” David repented:”I am sorry.”

This is what Jesus says: “You have acted in secret, but I will do this thing in broad daylight before the whole community.” (See 2 Samuel 12:7-14)

Jesus rebuked Peter:”Get behind me Satan.” (Mark 8:33) And St. Peter repented.

Jesus said that there is only one way to Him – Repent and make amends for what you did.

And this is what will reconcile,

~Debbie, Lisa, John, Fr. Matt and other people who gossip/spread lies against Boris,~

with God – come and say: “Boris, I am sorry, I have sinned against you.”

“If your brother or sister sins against you … And if they refuse to listen even to the Church, treat them as you would a pagan.” (See Matthew 18:15-17)

Fr. Matt removed Boris from ALL Ministries unjustly, based on gossip, detraction, calumny and rash judgment. “He becomes guilty: – of rash judgment who, even tacitly, assumes as true, without sufficient foundation, the moral fault of a neighbor; etc.” (See CCC #2477)

The Bible teaches that you should leave the Eucharist, go first reconcile with your brother. (see Matthew 5:22-24) A humble and contrite heart, Jesus will not spurn. (See Psalm 51:17)

Jesus and Boris Love You All.

Go and sin no more. (See John 8:11)

May God Bless You.