Life Stories

A Journey of a Nomad Boy

You can see a man sitting in a big room about fifty feet from the ocean, staring at the wall. He's been like that for more than 90 minutes. That's me. I am entering my age of half century. I am thinking. Am I that old already? Fifty years old? How fast time pass by. I just was born. I just was graduated from University of Physical Education. I just was a Prize Fighter. I just was dying, paralyzed, in excruciating pain of Cancer for so long... And here I am a Nomad boy from a desert in Kazakhstan who made it to Hollywood and Malibu... Someone may think looking at me, this guy looks arrogant, awkward and lonely. And maybe I look like that.   But to tell you the truth, for 4 years I am never lonely and I live LIFE of JOY, PEACE and LOVE. And I WANT YOU to Live Life of Joy, Peace and Love as I do. Come and learn how to live THAT LIFE from NOW on into Eternity. I will share with you life stories and how ONE NIGHT change my life forever...


The deadly disease ran away ashamed. Why? Because my FRIENDS prayed for me and cared for me. Their love helped me to survive. True Friends are those who were tried in difficult situation. And we are all united under the Grace of Almighty and Good God. I enjoy easy, peaceful times. And I have learned to ENJOY tough times too. HOW? It is Simple. I found the WAY to connect with the Owner of the Universe and His LOVE POWER... I want YOU to be Connected... Come and Learn how to have Peace and Joy in your heart no matter what.

They called me 'pretty'

Imagine. You are a cute kid. You came to a new school in new neighborhood. You did nothing wrong. But big guys in this school did not like you. They called you 'pretty' and because you were cute they bullied you. And even more, they put you against another victim like you and ordered, you two to fight. That what happened to me. I was bullied and was beaten for nothing. Just because I was cute. My nose was a running river of blood... but nobody cared...

No one bullied me anymore!!!

It does not mean they did not try. But one punch or kick at their nose and they quit their desire to bully me immediately. To become a Champion in Boxing I worked out hard. I was in Olympic Reserved Boxing Team. There was a lot of dedication and discipline from my part to become a successful Prize Fighter. I became skillful Champion in Kick-Boxing, MMA and fights with weapons...


France is beautiful and working there was a real pleasure. I was acting , modeling, fighting in France for more than four years. I loved it. But my girlfriend lived in Poland and was studying in Medical School. When she finished that school she could work as a Doctor only in Poland. I made a big decision. I left Paris for her. The last thing I did before I left Paris, I proposed to her in the Sacred Heart Church on the mountain in Paris...


We married in Poland in Russian Orthodox Church. I worked as a PE teacher in college for four years. After that I worked for two years as an actor, performer. And to make some additional money I worked as a Bodyguard, detective and bouncer in night clubs. We were together for fifteen years. But the lack of Spiritual Unity separated us eventually.

I was Flying Physically

But I was dying Spiritually. I did not know that Spiritual Laziness will bring me so much Pain. Come and Learn from my mistakes. I Love you and I do not want you to suffer much.

I traveled the world with the Dead Soul

The world is beautiful... I visited and lived in many countries. But I neglected Spiritual part of my Life for years. Until One Night I found out my Soul was killed by Demons...

Vanity and pride killed my soul

Hollywood revealed my Pride and Vanity. I was a professional Prize Fighter. I started as an extra actor. I made it to speaking roles. I became an Actor, Movie Maker and Stunt Director... Parties, beautiful women, alcohol, drugs, smoking and other Addictions brought me to the Bottom.

Pride was my enemy

A Stunt Director in Hollywood! It sounds good... I am wearing white pants. I was a Stunt Director in Hollywood. That was one of my group of very skillful stunts. The thing is my Pride killed my soul...


The Nomad Boy from the desert of Kazakhstan made it to Hollywood! I achieved it by myself! I AM GREAT” I exclaimed with triumph while working in Hollywood on my own movie... Suddenly Black Smoke started coming out of me and filled the room... Immediately I became MISERABLE, scared to death. A former skillful Prize Fighter, actor, 'bad ass'... My Spiritual eyes were opened that horrible night. I saw my DEAD SOUL and SEVEN DEMONS which lived in my very Soul... I did not know what to do. I thought maybe I will take a knife and kill those evil spirits in me... But an Angel said that I will kill myself not demons. I did not know God... But I turned to that God unknown to me. And my Spiritual Journey started that very night... I started seeing and hearing Spiritual Beings...


Doctors said, “Your SPINAL CORD is squeezed by Cancer Mass, your nerves are damaged... It means be thankful if you would be able to walk, but to go to the restroom by yourself in normal way... we doubt it, Sorry, your nerves are damaged. We are unable to help you anymore..." I weighed 120lbs. I was sad. I could not move or go to the restroom... I asked for the second opinion though. I turned to God. Jesus said, “I AM the LIFE! But I need YOUR UNCONDITIONAL TRUST!?” And I have had FAITH... Jesus Saved me. I owe all to HIM.


Doctors said to my friend, “Boris has 15% chance. Which means in real life he can die any moment. Sorry.” But my friends crucified the SMILE on their faces and kept coming and praying. I could not move. I could not eat. I vomited all food. I could not breathe, Lung CANCER occupied my lungs and spread, pushed other organs. I became a prey for Satan and his army of unclean spirits.It was very long fight. But I did not fight alone. Jesus and His ARMY of Angels, Saints, Good People were on my side. I had Powerful Support. I did not waste my Suffering, my Pain. I offered it as a SACRIFICE and God Almighty Loving Father my DADDY accepted it. God is Powerful LOVE.


Often my friends came to see me and I did not have even strength to open my eyes or my mouth. But every four hours two strong guys came and turned me on my left than right side. They all cared about me. Many people prayed for me. Many people came to help me. My sister came from Europe to help me. Even my ex came from Europe to serve me. I was helpless, miserable, dying but LOVED...


There is no fun in suffering. Many people would agree. But I found much fun in suffering and pain. How? I discovered the Secret. Jesus suffered willingly. He said, “I saw you, Boris and many other souls which will be saved by My Suffering. It was easier for Me to suffer with that vision...” I thought to myself, “If I suffer, like Jesus did, willingly for salvation of the souls It would be useful for others and easier for me!” I offered my suffering and pain for my family and friends. And God Loving Father gave me Joy and Peace in my heart during my suffering. I felt Loved. I did not waste my pain. And I do not waste it now. I suffer and pray for the suffering souls out of love for Jesus Who saved my life.


My job is to SUFFER and to PRAY for the suffering souls. If you like that job you can apply now. I applied for that job in 2013. I love my job and I Love My Boss. My Boss is the Owner of the Universe. His name is Loving Father, Beloved Jesus, Lovely Holy Spirit. I have chosen to suffer willingly with joy. I've learned to have fun doing my job. It's been my only pleasure for some years. And I have great rewards. My Bride is the Grace of God. Jesus comes to me whenever I call Him. The Holy Spirit with His gifts lives in me. Almighty Father Loves me and I feel His Love always. Jesus said, “There is no greater love than to lay down one's life for one's friends.” DO YOU WANT MY JOB? Go to Read life stories and... Contact me. It brings a lot of BENEFITS: close, intimate relationship with God and His Grace, Joy, Peace, Love...


I suffered for too long in my opinion. I felt exhausted. It was too much pain, constant pain for couple months. After third cycle of Chemotherapy, fifteen days of Chemotherapy killed my immune system, I lost hair and my blood cells died. I lost sixty pounds and I was paralyzed. I was dying in constant pain and weakness. I decided that I will run from pain, from hospital, from needles, radiation and other 'good stuff'. I could not handle this pain anymore. I was done... But next moment an Angel came to me.He said, “Boris you have two choices. You can run. This way you will do your own will. I would not be able to help you. Or you can stay and drink your chalice of suffering until the end. If you stay I promise that you will be healed. The choice is yours.” He left. I thought to myself, “Jesus did not run from the Cross. Am I better then my Master?” I stayed to suffer more. I accepted pain as an expiation for sins.


I was about to enter the Church. Suddenly a woman called me, “Help me!” I asked her, “How can I help you?” She cried, “I am attacked by demons.” I replied, “I can help you with this. I defeated seven demons and their prince, Satan.” I prayed with her and gave her a prayer which demons are afraid of. I said to her also, “Do not talk to demons anymore. Just pray.” She said to me, “I see the Power in you. You have the Power!” I said, “God is the Power.” She said, “You have the Power. I am a Psychic. I see invisible world. I talk to dead people...” I replied, “Maybe I have the Power from God.” I thought maybe she sees the Holy Spirit in me and she does not know how to name it. She repeated, “You have the Power.” I said, “OK. Maybe. But I am a sinner.” She protested, “No! You are not a sinner!” I got irritated, “Maybe I do not sin right now but I was a wicked man.” She shouted at me, “You have never sinned! I cannot see it. I see only the Power!” I got enough and left. I asked Jesus about this.Jesus said, “You see how God forgives. He forgets and even demons cannot see your past sins after your repentance. Forgive others the same way.” I was amazed. I am Forgiven! I am blessed! God is so good! Praise the Lord!

In time of troubles

My Family and Friends from Europe helped me to survive. My MAMA, Luda, is with white hair here. She took care of me when I could not walk by myself... She nourished and comfort me...


My sister, Galinka, have always supported me as well as her daughter Alonka and son-in-law Kola. Galinka is proud grandma now holding her grand daughter, Marysia. Their LOVE helped me to survive my three years battle against deadly disease