Imagine a desert, in the middle of nowhere, void of all life, a woman gave birth to a boy. This boy was me. I was born into a poor dysfunctional family in the desert of Kazakhstan in 1965. At that time, it was part of a communist country, the Soviet Union. If you said the word, “God”, you went to jail or worse. My parents weren’t married. My father was an alcoholic and a horse whisperer. He used his talent to steal horses, which is why he often spent time in jail. Whenever he would return home from prison, he was often drunk and would become violent and beat my mom. I grew up hungry and afraid. With my father in prison, and my mother working two jobs, I was left to fend for myself.

When I was only six years old, my mom had to run errands so she locked me in the house and left me alone. I was cold and bored and looking for a way to have fun. I spotted an envelope on my bed and a box of matches, and decided to light the envelope on fire. The fire quickly got out of control and I was saved by an unknown man. I barely escaped death. The whole house and everything in it was lost. My mother was so happy that I was alive that she only gave me love, no punishment. The lesson I learned from my mother’s unconditional love was that I had her permission to do whatever I wanted. This would lead to more trouble later on. With my father in jail and just having lost everything in the fire, my mother decided to run away from my father. We became fugitives.

We hid in a small village of about 40 families near Voronezh in the Russian Republic. I started going to school there. I was weak and timid. Older guys took advantage of me. They mocked, beat and bullied me. I spent all my days on the street and in the fields. I grew up in fear, filled with hate and anger. Often times I would run from school to the wilderness to hide from my abusers. At that time, no one was talking about God. God was never mentioned. In 1979, at the age of 14, we moved to a small village of about 60 families, close to Artyomovsk in the Ukraine. New place, new school, new people; but for me, it was no different as I was afraid of everything and continued to be bullied. One night my mom and I were walking home from my mom’s work. It was dark and suddenly we heard some angry voices. When we got closer, we saw two men who were beating another man on the ground with sticks. I started shaking and trembling out of fear. I was scared to death, but my mom was not afraid. She got closer and screamed at them telling them to stop. Suddenly, one guy ran toward us and holding his stick up in the air, he screamed at my mom and then with great impact, he lowered his stick on my mom’s head. I closed my eyes and when I opened them again, the men were gone. My mom was OK, but I thought I cannot live like this anymore. I realized that nobody bullies strong guys. I had to do something to protect my mom—and myself. I decided to become strong. I asked my mom to go with me to the boxing club. The boxing coach would accept me in the club only if I promised to obey him, work hard and not give up boxing. I made this promise and started spending every evening in that club, working out hard committed and dedicated to learning boxing skills. No one was going to hit my mom again. No one was going to hit me again. This experience taught me self-discipline.

I started beating other guys with great passion, so much so that I became aggressive even out of the ring. Within a year, I became the champion of that town, the district and the Ukraine Republic. I was only 15 years old at this time and was no longer bullied. Within a couple of years, I became a prize fighter, and started going to college at the same time. I also became a street fighter and starting fighting for mobs. I was beating abusers and then sleeping with their wives. I became violent, immoral and selfish. I did not know God. I did not even hear about Him. I did everything I could to live my life following what I learned on the streets. There were many benefits to being a boxing champion. I noticed that women starting loving me, and I loved having physical pleasure with different women. I changed women as often as I changed my socks.

The Mafia bosses loved watching me fight. They loved my style, and I loved entertaining people and beating strong guys in front of everybody to humiliate them. This became my passion. But nothing could satisfy my sinful desires. Often times after all the pleasure and entertainment, I still felt emptiness in my heart. The more pleasure I had, the more dissatisfied I was. It was a vicious cycle; nothing could satiate these unstoppable desires to have more. I was 19 years old at this point. In the Soviet Union every young man had to serve two years in the Army. It was at this point that the Army recruited me, but I was lucky. Some important people loved my boxing style so much that when I was sent to Czechoslovakia to serve in the Soviet Army, the local boxing club in the town of Komarno arranged for me to fight for their club. It was an unusual arrangement. I could go in and out of the Army station whenever I wanted. I was boxing, working out and traveling with that boxing team. My pride was growing in proportion to my success. In 1986, at the age of 21, I came back to the Ukraine, finished the University of Physical Education, while fighting as a boxer, kick boxer, mixed martial arts fighter and working as a physical education teacher and self-defense coach. During the time I was in the Army, my mother had called me and told me that my father found her and wanted to live with her. My parents started living together again while I was in the Army. After I was out of the Army, I went home to my mother’s house one night after working out in the boxing club and I saw my father beating my mom and she was crying. I ran to stop him. He went to the kitchen and got a big knife. Then he charged at me with it and, immediately, I started thinking as a fighter. I used all my skills to get the knife from him and then beat him. I was beating him for a long time. When I stopped, his face was blue, green, and red and was swelling. I said to him, “If I see you again, I will kill you.” He believed me. I have not seen him ever again.


In 1991, at the age of 26, just before the collapse of the Soviet Union, I went to Poland. At that time, I heard about God for the first time in my life. Just before leaving for Poland, my friend Valery said to me that it would be a good idea for me to get baptized because God will protect me abroad. So I went to the Russian Orthodox Church and got baptized. I thought to myself that it would be good to have God’s protection. I liked that kind of God. In Poland, I was working as a prize fighter and a private bodyguard. It was then that I met my future wife, but in 1993 I had to go to France and so I had to leave my girlfriend for now. While in France, I stayed in Paris for almost five years working as a clothing model, an actor, a fighter and a self-defense coach. In 1997, I proposed to my girlfriend in the Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Church in Paris. I did not believe in God but I thought it was a beautiful place to propose. We went back to Poland and she worked as a family doctor while I worked as a physical education teacher. During this time, I finished a program at an Actors Studio in Krakow and was acting in Warsaw. We traveled a lot and visited many churches around the world, but I did not get connected to God. I only wanted to be famous, wealthy and healthy. One day we were watching movies with Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan. I decided that I had to go to Hollywood. This would give me what I wanted.

In 2005, I won a green card to the United States in a lottery. I was lucky. My wife and I went to Chicago and stayed with our Polish friends. We learned English there as well as the American culture, which was completely different from the culture in Europe. We were not happy there because we could not work in our professions. My wife could not work as a doctor, so she worked as a nurse. I had to work as a fitness coach instead of being an actor. In 2008, a doctor from Ireland called my wife with a proposition to work as a family doctor in his clinic. We decided that she should go there, and when she went there I went to Hollywood. I started working in Hollywood as an extra. I made connections in the film industry and started getting speaking roles. My dream was about to come true. In 2010, I met a screen writer and we wrote a script for a 110-minute feature movie about my life experience to that point. We called it, “Dead Snake.” People started showing interest in the story and my friend arranged for $2 million to make a movie in the Ukraine. I produced a short movie with the same title to promote the script. All was going well in my external life! Parties. Rich, beautiful and famous women. As a result, I became more and more arrogant, selfish, violent, stingy and immoral. I did not pay attention to the emptiness, sadness and dissatisfaction I felt in the depth of my heart. I tried to escape the fear of death by having more pleasure, more entertainment, more work and just staying busy. I did not like the silence that I felt when I was alone, so I would always listen to music, watch TV or have company over. Everything was going well, until one night . . .


While I was working on my movie on the night of June 1, 2011, I exclaimed with triumph, “I Am Great! A poor nomad boy from the desert of Kazakhstan made it to Hollywood! I achieved it all by myself! I Am Great!” Suddenly, black smoke started coming out of my body and it filled the room. Immediately, I became miserable and scared to death. My spiritual eyes were opened that horrible night. I saw my Dead Soul and seven evil spirits which lived in my very Soul. I did not know what to do. I thought maybe I could take a knife and kill those demons within me, but an Angel said that I would kill myself, not those fallen angels within me. I did not know God, but that night I turned to Him. My spiritual journey started that very night. I started seeing and hearing Spiritual Beings. I dropped to my knees and cried, pleading, “Listen, God. If You are there, I beg You, please, help me. Help me to defeat these horrible things in me and I will do whatever You want me to do. I am a fighter and I keep my word, You know.” At one point, I fell asleep. I woke up early in the morning and, surprisingly, I felt OK. Then suddenly, I felt deep within me that Somebody was writing something in the depth of my heart and I heard a powerful voice emanating from within me. This is what I heard: “This is My Beloved Son, Jesus, Listen to Him!” It was another shock for me. I did not know Who was talking to me from inside of me. Who could do that? Who could get inside me? That sentence stayed within me for about two hours. It occupied my whole being. I could not think about anything else. I got dressed and was ready for work. I went down to the parking lot with one thought, “Where can I find this Jesus? I do not have any friends with that name.” While thinking about this, I went to my car. I opened the car door and tried to get in, but I couldn’t. It was as if there was an invisible wall. I looked around and thought to myself, “Am I going crazy? Am I losing my mind?” Three times I tried getting into my car through an open door, but I could not. At that time Jesus came to me. My relationship with Jesus started that day, June 1, 2011.


Jesus became my Master. I have kept my word. I have obeyed Him since that day. Jesus explained to me that I was possessed by seven demons. These demons were enemies of the human race and that it was me who had invited them inside me by my bad choices. Those evil spirits killed my soul, but now the time had come to get rid of the evil spirits and to live a new life of freedom. I asked Him, “What should I do Master?” He urged me to study the Bible, to go to Mass at Our Lady of Malibu Catholic Church every day before work, to go to confession, to receive the Holy Eucharist and to pray. I started studying the Bible and discovered that Jesus sacrificed His own life for me. I fell in love with Jesus right away. It was unbelievable that God gave His only Son to suffer so that I may be saved from demons, from my slavery to addictions, from all distress, from all fears and ultimately from death. My fight against seven demons started that day. Jesus gave me a powerful prayer which demons are afraid of: “My Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God, have mercy on me a sinner.” I have seen demons running from that prayer. It is so powerful. At the beginning, I could not focus my mind even for one minute on that prayer. My thoughts were easily distracted. It took me some time to focus all my thoughts on the words of the prayer. In this process of purifying my soul, I understood that I brought all the disasters on myself by making bad choices and from my lazy ignorance for not searching for the Truth.

My Master helped me to defeat those seven demons within two years. Meanwhile, my friend told me about the Los Angeles Marathon. I decided to channel all of my energy and prepare for the marathon. At that time, I was switching from complete self-centeredness into the one who takes others into consideration. Now that I knew about suffering souls, I wanted to help them. I knew that prayer was powerful, but a prayer with a sacrifice was even more powerful. I made the decision that I would run the marathon for the salvation of the souls of my family and friends and not only for a medal. I dedicated each mile for one soul: 26 miles for 26 souls. This was my first experience of doing something for others and expecting nothing in return. In 2013, the Spirit of God came to me as dew into my soul. I felt so much peace, joy and love that I was in ecstasy. What a huge difference between being possessed by seven unclean spirits and then being filled with the pure Spirit of God that no words can describe it.


On Ash Wednesday, March 5, 2014, I experienced unbearable pain in my right hip. It was such an intense pain that I had to stop working. I went to the doctors, but no doctor could help me. I was starting to lose strength. I could not walk anymore. I had to crawl around. At that time, I served in Our Lady of Malibu Catholic Church. I crawled to the church earlier to prepare everything for the Mass, and then I would lie down at the corner of the Church. One day my physical therapist’s office said they could no longer help me and told me to go to the Emergency Room. On April 14, 2014, my friend David took me to the hospital in Santa Monica. After a thorough examination, the doctors had bad news for me. They said that I needed spinal surgery right away or I might be paralyzed for the rest of my life. They said that my spinal cord was being squeezed by the cancer mass. Immediately, they performed spinal surgery.

The doctors removed my spinal discs and inserted in their place a tube secured by screws. It was not the end of the bad news. Several days later, the doctors told me that I had a cancer mass in my lungs that was inoperable. The mass was so big that it pushed other organs around. The only chance I had to get rid of it was through chemotherapy and radiation. It was hard to believe. All my friends were shocked. A healthy, strong, skillful fighter became a miserable, weak, shadow of a human being. It was painful for people to even look at me. I could not eat or drink. I lost 60 pounds and weighed only 120 pounds. I was paralyzed for six months. There is no fun in suffering, yet I felt at peace with my suffering. I discovered the secret: Jesus suffered willingly for me. Jesus said, “I saw you, Boris, and many other souls which will be saved by My Suffering.” I felt loved. It was easier for me to suffer cancer’s excruciating pain and the agony of chemotherapy and radiation with that vision. I offered my suffering up like Jesus did, willingly, for the salvation of souls. I also remembered that Jesus rose from the dead. His suffering was temporary. However, the happiness of Eternal Life is forever.

I suffered for too long in my opinion. I felt exhausted. It was too much pain, constant pain for a couple of months. After the third cycle of chemotherapy totaling 15 days, my immune system was nonexistent, I lost my hair and my blood cells died. I was weak, dying and in constant pain. I decided that I would run from my pain. I could not handle this pain anymore. I was done. But the next moment, an Angel came and reminded me of Jesus on the Cross saying, “Jesus did not run from the Cross.” Jesus promised to heal me if I would trust in Him to handle it. I trusted the Angel and stayed in the hospital. During that time, a lot of friends came to help me and to pray for me. They reached out to friends around the world asking for their prayers on my behalf. After the fourth round of chemotherapy, the doctors did a CT scan and were amazed. The cancer was gone! They exclaimed, “It’s a miracle!” However, the suffering was not going to stop just yet. As a consequence of the chemotherapy killing my immune system, a fungus entered my lungs and was eating into my lungs making deep holes in them. I coughed one glass of blood each day. The doctors could not do anything about it.

For three years, I could not contract my muscles. I could barely walk. I was sweating profusely and losing consciousness after walking only 10-15 minutes. All those illnesses destroyed my body. The doctors stated that after surgery my nerves were damaged and they could not guarantee that I would walk as a normal person again or go to the restroom in a normal way. I was slowly dying. From March 2015 until September 2017, I was sleeping sitting up in the car because the pain in my back was so severe and I could not breathe well because I was coughing up blood. Nevertheless nothing bothered me because I had peace and joy in my heart. I offered up my suffering for the suffering souls. My friends call me a “Walking Miracle.”


One day in April 2015, I was taken up in spirit into the sky. It was night in the sky. God put me in the middle of the stars and suddenly, while I was contemplating the beauty, gray walls separated me from outer space and Satan himself appeared to me. The fight was one on one. I defeated the Devil and now all the demons run from me. Shortly after that incident, Jesus said to me, “Accept now that you are my brother. You are the son of the Eternal Father and your Bride is the grace of God!”

In August 2015, Jesus appointed me as a Spiritual Counselor. One day in 2018, I was entering the Church and suddenly a woman called me and said, “Help me!” I asked her, “How can I help you?” And she cried, “I am attacked by demons.” I prayed with her and gave her a prayer which the demons are afraid of, “My Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God, have mercy on me a sinner.” She said to me, “I see the Power in you. You have the Power!” I said calmly, “I am a sinner. God is the Power.” She protested, “No! You are not a sinner! I am a psychic. I see the invisible world and I talk to dead people.” She shouted at me, ‘You have never sinned! I cannot see it. I see only the Power!” I had enough and I left. I asked Jesus about this and Jesus said, “You see how God forgives sinners. He forgives, forgets and erases sins so that even demons cannot see your sins after your repentance. Forgive others the same way.” I was Amazed! I am Forgiven! God is so Merciful!


Jesus purified my soul. Jesus transformed me and filled my soul with His perpetual joy, peace and love. I always have what I need. I lack nothing, and I know that after my death, God will raise me up for the Eternal Life, as he raised up Jesus, for never-ending life in joy, peace, love and friendship with God, Angelic hosts and all the holy souls. I testify that never before have I lived such a happy, fulfilled, joyful and peaceful life from the inside out. I feel completely satisfied and infinitely loved. Jesus is enough for me but He gave me much, much more. I have many true friends in the visible and the invisible world. Now I live with my church mom, Marie, in her house in Malibu and with a brother in Christ, Filo. Jesus invited me to come and to receive Him twice daily in the Holy Eucharist. I volunteer countless hours to help the sick, the weak, the elderly, the oppressed, the needy and the homeless. I have learned that if Jesus asks me to do something, He gives me the Grace to do it and it becomes easy to do.

I was dead. Now I am alive. Jesus saved my life. My story is God’s glory.

Boris Rozumny is a Spiritual Counselor appointed by Jesus Christ. He volunteers countless hours in Malibu, in California and around the world. He helps the oppressed; the needy; the poor; the sick; the elderly and other suffering souls.