Let us meditate a bit on the Power of the Free Will.

I do every day what I choose to do. How about you?

Are you free to choose in the morning what to eat, what to read, what to think about?

If you are than you cannot blame anybody for what is happening in your life.

It is time to take responsibility for your actions. Free Will as everything else in your life is a gift.

Let us meditate a bit deeper. I was born defenseless, helpless and naked. Were you?

If the answer is yes than life itself is a gift.

If you think that you cannot survive without the air which no man can produce or without the Sun in the sky which no man can command than we have Somebody Who is bigger and more Powerful of all that is visible.

The Higher Power that maintain life on earth is called God by all even unbelievers.

But there are many people around even believers who are not connected to that Infinite Power.

And as a result of that they exist instead of living full life of Joy, Peace, Love.

I was there. I lived on my own resources. Until I used all I had and my soul died. The only thing I had at that time was my FREE WILL.

I turned to God. I acknowledged that He is the Creator and I am a creature.

I admitted that I cannot survive without His help. I surrendered.

I chose to do all these using my Free Will.

I had Hell in my soul before. Now I have Heaven in me.

And I testify that without connection with Infinite Power there cannot be any Spiritual Life, Spiritual Health.

God is Spirit, says the Bible. It is true. I became murderer of my Spirit, Soul and Body by persisting in Sin.

But after I turned to God with all my heart and learned how to live according to the Spiritual Law, God gave me Life back in abundance.

Come and learn how you can live life of Joy, Peace, Love even if you live now in fear, despair, guilt.

God loves you and wants to help you live a better life.