When David was faithful to the Lord, he was given the city, a great house and a large family as a sign of the Lord’s blessing. The sin with Bathsheba fundamentally altered David’s life. He lost Lord’s blessing. As a result David lost peace, he suffered from internal turmoil, he was plagued by violent unrest within his own household. We know, the gift of rest is granted only by radical fidelity to the Lord. David returned to faithfulness in the Lord and as a result was restored to many of the blessings. God redeemed David’s sin and gave him victory.

Let us do what David did: 1. See our problems as a divinely appointed penance. 2. Accept the penance and repent. 3. Offer our suffering up for deliverance from our sin, for all our pain is the divinely appointed consequences of our actions. And we believe that our God will give us victory after we make full expiation for our past life bearing the consequences with true love.